I Help You Increase the Conversion of Your Website or Funnel Through Design!


Give Yourself One Point For Every Yes. 

 IS THERE A CATCHY HEADLINE? Catch their attention and make them curious with a question. 

 IS IT SIMPLE? Humans now have the attention span of goldfish, there needs to be clear, concise information. Other distractions like popups, chat bots, flashing thing will make people click away.

 IS IT SPECIFIC TO THE SOURCE IT CAME IN ON? Every traffic source is different and comes to the site with a different perspective. When you're on google, you're looking for a solution to your problem, your problem is whatever you typed in, on Facebook, you're browsing and looking at pictures of your friends. 

 DO YOU HAVE 1 CALL TO ACTION? No other options. Keep asking your prospect to do the action. Give more info and ask again. 

 IS THE CONTENT CONSISTENT ACROSS ALLYOUR PLATFORMS? Is Your Instagram facebook profile is the same as your Facebook profile, is the same as your bio and all things branded. 

 HAVE YOU ANSWERED OBJECTIONS?  Is there a guarantee or free trial? What do other people say about your product? What does it look or sound like? Do you have video testimonials, case studies or reviews? Unless you address the objections, they're likely to click away. 

How Many Points did You Get? 

Fall in love with your site so that you can show up with confidence and boost your credibility to grow your business.

In other words...

will optimize your page for:

 CONSISTENT: Having The Same Colors, Images, Fonts, Info Messaging On All Platforms

 COHESIVE: Facing and Connecting All Your Platforms To One Place

 CREDIBLE: Use Your Site As A Marketing Asset Instead of Something Required To Be In Business in 20th Century.

 CONFIDENT: Know That Your Site is Operating Efficiently. Know you've got a site that people can interact with. 

 MEMORABLE: Using Catchy Words, Phrases, Hooks, Logos, Images, You Building Yourself an Established Brand

will help your site convert!
will help you make more money!

Plus, it is going to be a lot of FUN!

I Will teach You To Be Rich 

I Will Teach You To Be Rich 

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We Buy Houses Recreation

Dream City Music  Original 

Dream City Music Redesign

5 Script Secrets  Original

5 Script Secrets Redesigned



When I started my real estate journey, I had just returned to US from overseas, living in a new city, no network of people, I couldn't lead generate or get any deals to save my life, I was terrified, lonely and struggled with the biggest imposter syndrome ever! 

I'll tell you the rest of my story when we talk! Book a call! 

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